32nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering

May 16-20, 2016 · Helsinki, Finland

It is with great pleasure that the organizers of the 32nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering invite you to take part in ICDE 2016 to be held in Helsinki, Finland, from May 16 to 20, 2016. As the capital of Finland, Helsinki is a vibrant city on the Baltic Sea renowned for its design and friendly atmosphere. The venue is at Aalto University's School of Business, which is located right in the city center.
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One-Day Trips from Helsinki

Take an unforgettable trip to Porvoo, the second oldest town in Finland, and learn why it's considered the cradle of Finnish independence. Walk down the Old Town's river bank that is lined with charming small farm houses painted in red ocher, then proceed to the centre of the Old Town to walk on its medieval cobblestone streets. Enjoy the town's charming atmosphere with its boutiques, and if you fancy chocolate, then how about a stop by the renowned Brunberg chocolate factory outlet. Don't forget to take a look at the pleasant restaurants, cafés, museums and art galleries.

Take a trip to Raseborg (half-way between Helsinki and Turku) and visit its Castle Ruins. Also do visit Fiskars and Billnäs, two beautiful villages nearby to each other and known for their former ironworks. There is also the unique Svartå Manor with its park, and the charming Old Town of Tammisaari (Ekenäs).

You might also enjoy spending a day in Hamina (about 150km to the Northeast) and visit the old star-shaped fortress and a radial town plan that can only be found in Hamina. The wooden blocks, churches and museums located side by side are easy to visit. Discover also the areas outside the city's centre to experience the sea, the countryside, and the unique archipelago with its fishing villages.
Finland has 35 beautiful National Parks that cover an area of 8 170 square km2 that extends from the South to the high fells in the northernmost part of Lapland. The closest one to Helsinki, less than an hour's drive, is Nuuksio National Park.

Lapland and the Midnight Sun

Lapland - land of the midnight sun and the northernmost part of Finland, is an altogether different and exotic destination. A visit to Lapland's forests and its vast mountain regions, perhaps the last remaining wilderness in Europe, is an unforgettable experience for every nature lover. It is in late spring and early summer that plants and flowers in Lapland really thrive with the ever abundant light. The buds burst into life and blossom, turning to delicate flowers in a rich array of beautiful, vibrant colors. Thanks to the magical midnight sun (the nightless night), you can enjoy the wonders of nature at any time of the day. That's right, a sunset is the one wonder of nature you won't be seeing over here!

If you can just spare a couple of days, the fastest way to get to Lapland would be by air with daily flight connections from Helsinki Airport to several airports in Lapland (i.e. Ivalo, Kittilä, Rovaniemi). For a more leisurely experience, take the night train (you get a comfortable sleeping berth for an extra charge) and enjoy the beautiful scenery all along if you don't feel like sleeping. The comfortable Finnish railroads are managed by VR. You could also rent a car (a one way trip to Rovaniemi is about 825 km). More information is available from the official Finnish Travel Site and Lapland's Tourist Promotion.

Tallinn: Close by to the South

The Estonian medieval capital Tallinn is only 80 kilometres from Helsinki and is easy to reach by fast ferries in less than two hours. The Tallinn Old Town with its majestic Toompea Hill and the picturesque buildings are the greatest attraction of this old merchant city known as a Hanseatic (or Hanse) town. The ferry lines Viking Line, Tallink Silja Line, Eckerö Line and Linda Line all have daily connections between Helsinki and Tallinn.

Stockholm and Åland: Nearby to the West

A cruise aboard one of the luxury liners that operate between Helsinki and Stockholm is an excellent way to combine a visit to the Swedish capital with a pleasant sea trip at a reasonable cost. The archipelago between Finland and Sweden is of breathtaking beauty and surely one of the most beautiful in the world. The timetable is convenient too, with ships departing from Helsinki in the late afternoon and arriving in Stockholm the following morning. After having spent nearly a whole day in Stockholm and having walked the alleys of the charming medieval town, one happily returns to one's ship to enjoy the sea trip back to Helsinki.

About halfway between mainland Finland and Sweden lie the enchanting Åland islands. Åland islands forms an autonomous region of Finland with its own flag and Swedish as the only official language. The unspoilt archipelago and the beautiful bedrock alone will make your visit there worthwhile. The same ferries that take you to Stockholm also stop by at Åland.

St. Petersburg: Nearby to the East

St. Petersburg is within easy reach from Finland by ferry, train, bus or plane. With the new Allegro high speed train the journey takes only 3.5 hours. The city is renowned for its beautiful buildings, canals and bridges. The former Winter Palace with the Hermitage Art Museum and the Peterhof (Petrodrovets) Summer Palace are interesting places to see.