32nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering

May 16-20, 2016 · Helsinki, Finland

It is with great pleasure that the organizers of the 32nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering invite you to take part in ICDE 2016 to be held in Helsinki, Finland, from May 16 to 20, 2016. As the capital of Finland, Helsinki is a vibrant city on the Baltic Sea renowned for its design and friendly atmosphere. The venue is at Aalto University's School of Business, which is located right in the city center.
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The Weather in Helsinki in May

The weather in Helsinki in mid-May is generally mild and pleasant with a daily average temperature of 10°C (the minimum average is 5°C and the average maximum is 15°C). On a very warm spring day, the temperature may even reach close to 20°C. Temperatures may cool down substantially after sunset, although days are quite long at the time of the conference with the sun setting just before 10pm and rising at 04:30am! The very long twilights leave a very short time for darkness.

Nevertheless, something to keep you warm in the cooler mornings and evenings such as a sweater or cardigan can come in handy. Rain showers can occur at any time of the day. Snow in mid-May in Helsinki would be extremely rare.

Time Zone, Currency and Language

Finland, in accordance with the European Union, observers Daylight Saving Time between April and October, the period for which the conference is scheduled. This means that during ICDE 2016, local time in Finland will be 3 (and not 2) hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +3).

The currency in Finland is the Euro (EUR/€), divided into 100 cents. Please check the current exchange rates. All major credit and debit cards are accepted nearly everywhere. Service charges and taxes are included in the prices, so tips are not expected.

Foreign currency and travellers' cheques can be exchanged in exchange offices located for example at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, at the Helsinki Railway Station as well as in downtown Helsinki. Please note the banking hours (most banks open at least between 10am and 4pm on weekdays with a shortened day on Friday) if you wish to exchange money in a bank.

Finnish and Swedish are both official languages in Finland, with about 5.5% of the population speaking Swedish as their mother tongue. English is widely understood and readily spoken.

Electrical Outlet and Voltage

The voltage in Finland is 230 volts (50HZ), so devices conforming to the voltage range 220V - 240 V will work fine. Electric plugs should conform to the continental European standard with 2 pins known as type C or to the grounded type F, known as the Schuko plug.


Apart from a credit-card operated phone in the airport arrival lounge, there are very few, if any, fixed payphones or public phone booths in downtown Helsinki. Bringing along your mobile phone is therefore useful for making urgent calls. Finland's country code is +358.

If your mobile hand set is labelled for GSM-900, or GSM-1800, or EGSM/EGSM-900 it should work in Finland (and in Europe too). Pre-paid SIM-cards are available in many stores, including the kiosk 'R-kioski'.